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Concrete Coatings for Residential and Commercial Applications


Material of Choice

Concrete is the new material of choice for flooring for homeowners, businesses, commercial industries, industrial buildings, and designers everywhere. Concrete surfaces are popping up in retail stores, trendy restaurants, homes and corporate offices.

Designer concrete offers a range of options whether it is acid-stained, painted, overlays, micro toppings, radiant floors, or a different personal floor, unlike any other material. Concrete flooring or ‘cement flooring’ no longer has to be dull and gray. Coloring concrete, applying textures, saw cuts, and patterns can bring new life to this traditional substrate now.


The affordability is one of the major benefits of concrete floors compared to other options. Installing a designer concrete surface can be quite cost-effective, especially if you have a concrete slab that is qualified for staining, polishing or application of a coating or overlay.

A simple concrete floor will carry a comparable price tag to linoleum, vinyl, ceramic tile or carpet. While a more sophisticated concrete floor design runs you a little less or about the same as high-end wood, marble, granite, or slate.


Easy Maintenance

An added benefit is the lifetime cost of concrete is very minor. It lasts for years and requires little upkeep. A second benefit that attracts homeowners and businesses to concrete surfaces is the simple maintenance.

Concrete floors that are properly sealed will clean up quickly with a dust mop pass or two. Use water and a neutral cleaner for a casual deep cleaning. Maintenance frequency relies on the amount of traffic the floor gets.

A sacrificial floor wax and a sealer to further protect from abrasion may be needed by restaurants and businesses with considerable foot traffic.


Attractive Colors

People are attracted to concrete floors because of their awe-inspiring full-color palette. An incredibly popular choice for interior floors because of its warm, earthy tones is stained concrete. Often, you do not even realize that you are standing on concrete. It can be so naturally colored that it blends seamlessly with other elements in the room. While staining is the most standard, other options include the application of tinted sealers, painting, and dying.


Additional Benefits

They add to the integrity of architect’s designs. Easy to change, even if you sell your home; the next owner can place wood or carpet on top. Great in regions with a lot of sand or snow. A super alternative to the carpet if you happen to suffer from allergies.



Artisan Designer Concrete, is the premier professional company offering residential, industrial, and commercial services to our clients in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We are known to pay exquisite attention to detail while making your satisfaction our number one priority.

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~ Matt Hirsch

Why Choose Artisan Designer Concrete?

We produce an economical and highly enticing alternative to worn or brand-new concrete countertops and floors. We serve clients who wish to beautify their home through a sustainable and low-cost alternative to carpet or tile. We also offer the top solutions for your garage floor coating needs. We transform gray and dusty slabs into something polished, stained and dependable, which can attractively reflect the natural light in any room.

We grind using the latest diamond tech to resurface concrete. Then the staining can be performed for a variety of designs. Are you interested in getting an epoxy coating for your business or commercial property? We do that too. Our philosophy is that the relationships we develop with our clients will continue to grow, even after the job is done. We are always here to make recommendations and answer inquiries about care and maintenance.

Decorative concrete is an investment and we help our clients to appreciate the advantages and durability of their designer surfaces. Do we undertake concrete staining jobs for commercial property? Yes, we do! Satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to meet the client’s expectations and far surpass them. Business owners and general contractors have enough on their plate. You can rest assured in our capabilities and professionalism when you work with us.

Contact us todate for more information about how we can assist you with your commercial concrete staining needs. We would be thrilled to provide a free estimate of the project’s cost and timeline.