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Concrete Polishing

concrete staining

The best way to design a reflective, beautiful, low maintenance floor is polished concrete. Nearly any slab can be transformed into a sleek surface using diamond abrasives, offering leverage over tile, carpet, or traditional coatings (paint, epoxies).

Artisan Designer Concrete uses impregnating densifiers that harden and densifies concrete yielding up to a 400% rise in abrasion resistance and improved impact strength. This eliminates concrete dust, which is a hazard to the environment.

Polished Concrete Floor Benefits:

Best Concrete Polishing in Cleveland

At Artisan Designer Concrete, our team is committed to providing the best-polished concrete staining services throughout Cleveland, Ohio. Our team is licensed, bonded, insured, and dedicated to putting the needs of our patrons first.

Whatever the size of the area, we are ready to provide you with the results you want. Your satisfaction is priority number-one. Rest assured that we do everything possible to give you gorgeous results.

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