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Concrete Resurfacing

concrete Resurfacing

Beautiful concrete resurfacing with polished overlays and epoxy coatings are easy to achieve with the right constituents.

Professional Concrete Resurfacing

Knowing the correct method and having the materials to prepare, install and finish, will help you professionally produce high-quality surfaces customers are after. Besides seeing only the finished job, the underlayment and resurfacing are just as crucial.

Decorative concrete is now a growing component of the flooring trade. Polished concrete involves altering a concrete surface to achieve a particular level of gloss.

Long Term Benefits of Resurfaced Concrete

Many facility managers and homeowners are seeing the long-term benefits of polished concrete resurfacing, such as ease and low-cost maintenance. When processed the right way, it will meet or exceed the national standards for slip coefficient, which measures the resistance accidents that happen from slipping on floors. The foundation for a beautiful result is the appropriate concrete for resurfacing. Underlayment is essential to a smooth, level floor.

Improve Existing Concrete with Resurfacing

Most existing slabs can be polished, but some that have serious flaws, such as spalled areas, carpet tack holes, and elaborate patchwork will show through after polishing.

Moreover, regarding decorative concrete options, existing polished floors are limited to simple color applications.

Why Owners Like Polished Overlays

Primarily, polished overlays are used to cover up problem surfaces and obtain a perfectly smooth, seam-free surface. In other cases, the client wants to improve an existing floor with embellishing saw cuts or get a terrazzo-like finish by seeding the overlay with colored aggregate.

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